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Fixed & Removable Prosthetics (crowns, bridges, dentures)

Crowns: When teeth are seriously damaged, broken, deteriorated and unsuitable for a direct placement filling, a crown (cap) will be needed to strengthen the tooth. We will remove any old fillings as well as decay and place a new core reconstruction into the tooth. In some cases you may need a special post inserted into the root to hold the crown onto the tooth. Once this has been done the tooth will be shaped so that a crown can be fitted over it. A mould (copy of your teeth) is taken which is given to the dental lab so that they can make it fit the tooth perfectly. At the same time we take a colour shade and the crown will be made the same colour as its neighbouring teeth. While we are waiting for the crown to be made, a temporary crown is fitted over the tooth for a few days. There are many different materials available for a crown. The selected material depends on individual patient needs; such as tooth position and size, desired final appearance, strength and stability of the bite, or other personal criteria of the patient. On your return appointment the crown is fitted with permanent cement. Bridges: This is a permanently attached prosthetic appliance, which replaces missing teeth. When placing a bridge we will need to use the teeth on either side of the space to hold it in place. A bridge is therefore a false tooth which is attached to a crown on each of the neighbouring teeth. These teeth will need to be shaped to fit the bridge. In those cases where these neighbouring teeth already have large fillings a bridge is a good option as it can be used to strengthen these teeth and replace the missing tooth. If this is not the case then we may prefer to look at other options which are less invasive, such as dental implants. Once the teeth have been shaped a mould will be taken (copy of your teeth) so that the dental lab can manufacture the bridge. While we are waiting for this, a temporary bridge will be placed for a few days. There are again different types of bridges all of which will match the neighbouring teeth in colour. Although dental implants have become a more favourable method for replacing missing teeth, bridges are more affordable and in some cases may be the only option. On your return appointment the bridge will be fitted with permanent cement.